Friday, 16 December 2011

An update on jotta Winners 2010 and 2011

jotta has been one of the fantastic prize providers to the Chelsea Student Awards since the awards began in 2010. Millie Ross, the editor of jotta, has given us a round-up of what both Francis Brady (jotta Award winner 2010) and Sophie Percival (jotta Award winner 2011) have been up to since winning the prize. 

Sophie Percival

Sophie Percival, Pools from the Plane, 2011

Sophie Percival, winner of the 2011 jotta Award, is currently producing moving image work for an online exhibition in the jotta online project space, this will launch in the beginning of 2012.

Since winning the award there have been many developments to the prize, and support from jotta, thus Sophie's work will also feature in the forthcoming debut jotta publication, launching in March. This will coincide with launch of the new jotta Editions Space, an online platform for the sale of emerging artist's work, of which Sophie's work will also be featured.

To see more of Sophie's work, please go to her website at

Francis Brady 

The winner of the 2010 jotta Award Francis Brady has continued to work with jotta, first as a curatorial intern and exhibitions assistant, and now as part of the online team, creating content around jotta exhibitions, events and projects.

Please click on the link below to see Francis Brady's commissioned piece, Xnoybis (2010) specifically created for jotta's online space.

The following links are articles and an interview written by Francis Brady for jotta.

To see more of Francis' work, please go to his website at

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Words from Tim Ridley: Winner of Ovalhouse Theatre Awards 2011

Tim Ridley, who was the Ovalhouse Theatre Award winner for 2011, has written a brilliant summary about his time at the Ovalhouse, his work, '007 V James Bond' and his plans for the future.

007 V John Ridley at the OvalHouse

‘007 v James Bond’ examines the confusion I encountered at the age of eight as to whether or not my father was a secret agent who led a glamorous ‘other’ life or just a another sales executive. He was based in a central London office with a pool of quite exotic company cars that emerged from an underground car park. We had just started to watch Bond films together and my father’s job involved a lot of flying between the UK, America and Europe, so he was often absent. I put two and two together and got eight.

In the usual way that children experience confusion the slight physical similarities between Sean Connery and my father only deepened the mystery. The difference at the centre of this new work is between the sedentary inertia of everyday office culture and the dynamic glamour of the imaginary Bond character.

The durational performance (about an hour for 5 nights), accompanied by a soundtrack of ambient office noise alternating with Bond theme tunes, comprised of myself dressed in a dinner jacket and bow tie, typing and then distributing in a surreptitious manner comedic ‘top secret’ notes to various parts of the cafe area. I used a hat which I threw onto a hatstand, cigarette case and 60s portable typewriter as props to further add to the spy/office atmosphere. Drawings showed some of the process involved and the planning of props and use of the space provided, I also made drawings as a start of the performance.

Michael Atavar, the Artist's Advisor at the Ovalhouse, told me that my work was well received by both theatre visitors and staff. He was especially pleased with the way the piece worked on many levels and used a variety of media, performance, audio, drawing and video. I think that since college I have felt more free to explore oppositions closer to my emotional self hence this work being concerned with my relationship with my father, and to be less oblique about my process. I had to be self sufficient and the Ovalhouse, whilst providing the venue and publicity, had no funding, so I had to source all the props myself, transport them and make the accompanying videos and audio work.

Please see video of the performance @

My next performance will involve running and art as oppositions, this idea will be explored through performance, drawing and video at various locations around London in 2012.

All the images are courtesy of Nick Joubinaux.

To see more of Tim's work please visit his website at

To see more of Ovalhouse Theatre projects please visit

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Winners of the Chelsea Student Awards 2011

We are delighted to announce the following winners of The Chelsea Student Awards 2011


JOTTA AWARD: Sophie Percival



Congratulations to this year's winners and to all BA Fine Art graduates for a fantastic degree show.
The 2012 awards will be organized by Karina Pragnell Lopez, Hannah Clayden, Rebecca Kirkpatrick and Marleen Boschen. Updates and announcements to follow shortly.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Thank you very much all who applied for the JOTTA Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Ben Vickers
Tim Ridley
Sophie Percival

Thanks and Good luck to all.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

ACME Awards Shortlist

Thank you very much to all who applied for the ACME Award this year. The applications were very strong but as there were so many applications there has to be a shortlist. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Anna Moderato
Benji Jeffery
Jessica Fisher
Joseph Crowdy
Keira Green
Sophie Colley
Sophie Percival

Thanks and Good luck to all.

Monday, 2 May 2011


This year we are delighted to announce the prizes for the Chelsea Student Awards 2011, provided by the following organisations.

- ACME Studios -
- Jotta -
- Transition Gallery -
- Oval House Theatre -

Unfortunately, The Chelsea Space Award is not taking place this year, due to funding issues. However, if you are interested in working at Chelsea Space, email Donald on

Below is a list of each award, its details, and how it can be applied for, along with deadlines for proposals and applications. Click each image for a full sized version.

If you have any questions please email (preferably sometime before the deadline).

PLEASE NOTE: You can apply for more than one award.

And you will need to be in London after graduation (October 2011 onwards) to claim the award if won.

Best of luck to everyone applying, and to all graduating students.

And many thanks to everyone who has made this possible, especially those providing each award. The Chelsea Student Awards would be non-existent without your generous support.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Some words from last year's winners of the Chelsea Student Awards


Having co-won the Transition Gallery prize with my fellow graduate Lewis Dalton Gilbert was a truly overwhelming experience. Given the nature of the prize, being that anyone from the year group can be chosen and no application is required, I had never entertained the thought that I may be selected (and focussed my attentions on my application to the Oval House award!). I felt so honored to be selected from my graduating year for this award as, like all the prizes, they are not based on marking systems, grades or learning outcomes, the winners are chosen based on their actual artwork. This was a much needed confidence boost, and the start of an eye-opening experience of the professional art world. The exhibition at Transition Gallery really helped bridge the gap between studying at university and entering the working world as an artist, the momentum from the degree show was still in full force and it has been ever since. Working with the gallery was a great learning curve; put in a professional environment and being given free reign over a show is daunting but but very liberating. The prize has set me on a strong path of amazing contacts, experiences and opportunities. I have found in interview and application processes since, that the winning of the Transition Gallery prize has been an invaluable asset and a strong edge over other candidates. I believe the Chelsea Student Awards are an invaluable set of opportunities for students, and promote confidence and provide a stepping stone to students who are about to graduate. I would like to thank Harry and Kiki for enabling these positive experiences, and Lauren and Karina for taking them over to a new year. I, along with many others, wait with anticipation and excitement for next years winners!


Winning The Oval House Theatre Prize has been a bit of a lifesaver for my practice; to be honest I can not really imagine myself continuing to make work at such a momentum without the encouragement and support that the individuals at the theatre have given me. It is an interesting yet rewarding challenge to have to visualize an exhibition that is altogether reflective of my practice, works towards the aims of the theatre and utilizes a space and environment that functions very differently from that of your conventional gallery or the studios at Chelsea College.

The Oval House Theatre specialises in performing arts and fine art that showcases the best of minority, independent and overseas talent; their creative youth and refugee programs and workshops are renowned. Their dedicated involvement with local communities means that anyone who is taken under their wing will have the opportunity to create something that may potentially impact on the world outside. I believe that this is the perfect prize for any graduate artist who wants to make work that is performance-oriented, participatory or simply believes in the agency of art as social mediator or political apparatus. Furthermore, The Oval House are incredibly professional and dedicated in their setup as artist advisors, gallerists and theatre managers- as a result my exhibition has been pushed back to the beginning of March 2011 to accommodate planning for participatory workshops with youth groups, promote the show and give me adequate time to generate new ideas and works. I am looking forward to seeing how the show develops over the next few months and hope that I can give back to The Oval House as much as they have given me in terms of experience with managing my own contacts, negotiating the space and organising and curating my first solo show. This is an invaluable opportunity for any graduating student from Chelsea who wants to continue to make work in a dynamic environment and I sincerely want to thank the founders and the current organisers of Chelsea Student Awards for having both the fortitude and vision to provide these awards