Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Acme Studios and South Kiosk Application Process

  Acme Studios:

      Acme Studios with support from the Chelsea Arts Club Trust is offering a graduating student a twelve month rent-free studio 
      together with a bursary of £2,500.
      This will be the seventh Chelsea Studio Award which will begin 1 October 2016. There will be a dedicated ground floor shared 
      studio, with good access, for this award housed at an Acme
      Studios building in East London. The award studio will be shared with another Acme Studio    

      The proposal must include:

     A word document (.doc not docX – due to compatibility issues) or plain text file (e.g. .rtf) or a 
      PDF document (.pdf)

     Full name and contact details (both phone and email) must be included at the top of the written       document.

     Word length: 400 words max – please keep to one side.

     Documents should be saved in the following format: FirstnameSurnameAWARDTITLE e.g.             JamesSmithACMEStudio.doc

     If including picture please save separately to the text as a .jpg or .pdf

     Images should be saved in the following format: 
      FirstnameSurnameAWARDTITLEimageNUMBER e.g. JamesSmithACMEStudio1.jpg

     No more than two images may be included.

     Unfortunately, we cannot accept moving image or sound as supporting material but can accept       stills.

      Also a monitoring form is required to be filled in and emailed back, it can be downloaded here:

      Deadline: May 13th, send application to

  South Kiosk:

      A Mentoring Program - the prize offers a chance to work directly with the gallery, building a 
relationship through conversation and collaboration that will continue into the future past 

South Kiosk is mainly interested in artists working in lens-based or computational media or  
whose work deals with themes of technology such as shown by these artists:


      A PDF document (.pdf)

      Full Name and Contact details, link to website if applicable.

      Brief statement about your work (brief explanation of degree show and an idea of how you 
      would like to continue your practice for the next year).

      Include images of work and links to films or other time based media.

      Deadline: 27th May, send application to