Thursday, 11 April 2013

Prize Application 2013


Prize applications will be available and open from April, 22nd onwards. The deadline will be May, 17th. Each applications has all the relevant details.

This year's prizes are generously provided by:

-The Emely
-The Ovalhouse Theatre
-Flat Time House
-Chelsea Arts Club Trust
-Chelsea Alumni Award

You can find all the prizes and how to apply for each of them on the 'Prize Application 2013' page, which will be updated next week.

Before applying to any of the prizes please make sure you read through each of the forms thoroughly. There is no maximum or minimum amount of prizes you can apply to. However your application to any prize will be strongest if you recognize a clear correlation between your practice/ interests and that of the prize and prize provider.

You are strongly advised to consider if you will be remaining in London for the duration of the prize(s) or if you will need a visa for the following year. Please make your choices accordingly to your plan.

For more information or if you have any questions please email us: