Saturday, 14 July 2012

Winner of the jotta Award 2012: Jack Harris

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the jotta Award 2012 is Jack Harris.

From a selection of eight students (short listed by Jo Melvin and Bernice Donszelmann) Jack was chosen as the winner by jotta curators Ellie Greig and Dave Charlesworth.

jotta is a platform for artists and designers founded in partnership with the University of the Arts London. jotta creates opportunities for emerging artists to apply their skills and develop their practice.

The jotta Award offers Jack the opportunity to showcase a moving image piece exclusively on The final piece will be exclusively exhibited in the jotta homepage for a period of time during Frieze week. In addition, Jack will have the opportunity to have his work realised as an addition for Jotta Editions Space. 

Pictures of Jack's work for his degree show can be seen below alongside his film, Episodes. 

Winner of Chelsea Arts Club Trust Voucher 2012: Anna Cooke-Yarborough

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Chelsea Arts Club Trust voucher money is Anna Cooke-Yarborough.

From a selection of sixteen students, Anna was chosen by six students on the Chelsea Student Awards panel.

The Chelsea Arts Club Trust was set up in 1990 founded by the members of The Chelsea Arts Club in order to help support and encourage the education of art and design and to provide help for artists and designers. The trust provides a range of bursaries, scholarships and awards and indeed supports our other award, the Acme Studio Award. The trust is an independent charity relying totally on donations.

Due to problems with communication on Jessops side the trust voucher has been changed to being a £500 bursary to be spent solely at Jessops.

Pictures of Anna's work for her degree show can be seen below, along with other works.

'My concern surrounds the way in which the human species and other species inhabit the same planet. Other species are inescapable and yet progressively distant. They find their way into histories of film, technology, science, design, and many of our industrial pursuits and yet are increasingly compromised in real terms. I feel that the unease that accompanies a growing dissociation is somewhat to do with the ambiguity and haunting nature of the relationships set up. The boundaries built up between humans and other species are less and less navigable, sometimes extinguished, but there is also no cease to the persistent reconstruction and manipulation of animals.

Recently I have been observing zoo and natural history museum environments, exploring what the development of these institutions represents about our altering relationship with other species. Relating to the idea of conservation and the incongruous context of seeing things cultivated or reproduced within an artificial space. I hope in future to focus on more specific encounters: concentrating on the decline of a particular species, and involving a delve into the historical placement of the species alongside humans. I also hope to look into particular ‘weedy species’ (those animals that live well in human dominated environments), observing how we have come to co-inhabit urban environments. Moreover considering encounters involved, which often carry their own sense of uneasiness as these species have emerged beside us outside of any precise human selection.'

Anna Cooke-Yarborough, 2012

Monday, 2 July 2012

Winner of the Afterall Award 2012: Mario D'Agostino

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Afterall Award 2012 is Mario D'Agostino.

From a selection of seven students, Mario was chosen by a panel from Afterall including publishing director for Afterall, Caroline Woodley, managing editor for Afterall Online, Melissa Gronlund, and editorial assistant for Afterall Online, Helena Vilalta.

Afterall undertakes contemporary art research within the academic framework of Central Saint Martins and its educational and cultural partner institutions. It aims to make this research widely available to a variety of audiences through its books, journal, online articles, seminars and symposia. Afterall is committed to the idea that art, and writing on art, should be independent of the commercial art market and engaged with broad educational, cultural, social and political ideas.

Afterall has given Mario a chance to develop his skills by contributing to Afterall Online. Afterall will also provide editorial support and feedback, as well as an award of £300.

Below you can see some of Mario's works and a brief statement on the influence on writing on his work:

Promotional poster for film, Dr Dale and the W.H.A.L.E. Betrayal, 2012.

                        Dr. Dale and the W.H.A.L.E. Betrayal Trailer from Jake or Mario on Vimeo.

'I currently work within two collaborations: as a part of SALT, producing publications and organising events with Hannah Clayden and Simon Bramley, and making short films and other things with Jake Caleb – although there tends to be a massive overlap between these ways of working, seeming as the group of us spend a lot of time together and frequently discuss ideas and help each other out.  Writing collaboratively has been something that has featured heavily in the recent projects I’ve been involved with, for example: working on absurd sci-fi scripts for Squeed and Dr. Dale and the W.H.A.L.E. Betrayal with Jake, and the script for SALT and ARK’s recent Future Tours performance. For Afterall I’ve proposed to write about the uses and histories of allegorical figures such as cannibals and zombies in mainstream and exploitation cinema, and how these figures link to different countercultures and communities, as this involves a lot of things which inform the work I collaborate on, and which I’m really excited to try and develop open dialogue and discussion around.'

Mario D'Agostino, 2012

Please contact for a viewing copy of the film Dr.Dale and the W.H.A.L.E Betrayal.

Future Tours, SALT in collaboration with ARK, 2012

To see more of Mario's work, please visit his website at:

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Winners of the MFI Graduate Award 2012, supported by Flat Time House: Eiko Soga and Francesca Blomfield

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the MFI Graduate Award 2012 are Eiko Soga and Francesca Blomfield.

From a selection of eight students, Eiko and Francesca were chosen by Clive Phillpot, a trustee of Flat Time House.

Clive was a former librarian at Chelsea School of Art and became the Director of the library at the MoMA in 1977. Clive also founded the special collections at Chelsea Library and has a very long standing connection with the college.

Flat Time House is the former home and studio of the artist John Latham. Flat Time House operates not just as an exhibition space but also as an artist's house and living archive, bringing contemporary work together with John Latham permanent collection.

The MFI Graduate award is awarded to recent graduates with the aim of supporting their professional developments as artists. As awardees, Eiko and Francesca will form part of a discussion and study salon, MFI Group, which is based at Flat Time House in Peckham, South East London.

Pictures of Eiko's work can be seen below. Scroll down further to see pictures of Francesca's work.

Eiko Soga, degree show piece, '151617181920212223062012'

'My interest lies in exploring the relationship between space, light and the mind in order to explore notions of the intangible world.  I am fascinated in the way natural light subtly reveals unexpected images, sensations and time. I chase after the light and the instantaneous act of taping a simple line on surfaces in various spaces enables me to engage with momentary encounters and appearances of light and to work with the invisible and chance in an everyday and minimal scale.

The process of photography is important in my work as it exposes the dialogue between human perception and the photographic image enabling me to compare and relate my visual perception and imagination to the images which photography has captured.

Another aspect of my work is the creation of site-specific spaces, which are prepared for the viewer to encounter images such as fleeting moments of changing natural light and to provoke their own perception and imagination.
Part of the source of my work stems from my sense of being part of a diaspora which has emphasised subtle differences and nuances of meaning through shifting cultural translation.  In a sense this parallels my experience of the visual fleeting world and it’s psychological dimensions.'

Eiko Soga, 2012
To see more of Eiko's work, please visit her website at:

Pictures of Francesca's work can be seen below: 

Friday, 22 June 2012

Winner of the Acme Studio Award 2012: Rafal Zajko

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Acme Studio Award 2012 is Rafal Zajko.

From a selection of seven students (short-listed by Martin Newth and Gill Addison) Rafal was chosen as the winner by Julia Lancaster, Sally O'Reilly and Jemima Brown.

The Acme Studio Award is a year long rent-free studio housed at Acme's Childers Street studios in Deptford provided by Acme Studios. Also included in the prize is a bursary of £2,500 provided and supported by the Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

Pictures of Rafal's work for his degree show piece can be seen below:

Charm over SubstanceHD video, 3 minutes 30 seconds, London, 2012

'Working in a variety of media, I play with the traditional roles of varying artistic mediums. In this manner my sculptures become props, performances become documentations of actions, and films (through a process of layering, repetition and re-recording) become a physical manifestation of an idea.

The objects I make can either be centre stage in one of my films, or else become hidden as a series of props or backdrops. The “object” playing the role of a character in a film – its parts undefined, its position unclear. This lack of a fixed plot or focus maintains a sense of flux in the work whereby I never know where the project will end. My only objective is that the process itself is the focus.'

Rafal Zajko, 2012
To see more of Rafal' work please visit his website at:

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Over the next few days we will be announcing the winners of the five prizes out of the eight of the Chelsea Student Awards. Please keep checking back for more details on the prize winners and prize providers!

Monday, 11 June 2012


This is a call out for a new prize very kindly donated and supported by the Chelsea Arts Club Trust.

It is a £600 Jessops voucher. Jessops is the UK's largest specialist photographic retailer though it also sells products ranging from printers, projectors and software. The voucher can be spent on any product from Jessops. 

To be eligable for the award please send a short proposal up to 200 words to stating how your practice relates to digital media and how you see yourself using media equipment in the future. 

The deadline for proposal submsissions is Wednesday 13th June @ 10pm. Please feel free to attatch any photos/links to films within your application, knowing that we will be going around the degree show and will be aware of your final piece. 


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Acme Studio Award Short-list 2012

Thank you to all of those who applied for the Acme Studio Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Bex Williams
Francesca Blomfield
Hannah Collins
Sarah Davies
Tom Ramsey
Rafal Zajko
Jack Harris

We would like to say a huge thank you to Acme Studios for presenting the award this year and for their generosity and support.

Emely Award Short-list 2012

Thank you to all of those who applied for the Emely Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Masumi Hirayama
Isabelle Gressel
Taya Fraser
Natasha Whittle
Anna Garland Dale
Sophie Drewett

We would like to say a huge thank you to Rosalie Schweiker for presenting the award this year and for her generosity and support.

Jotta Award Short-list 2012

Thank you to all of those who applied for the MFI Graduate Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Isabelle Gressel
Jack Harris
Jake Caleb and Mario D'Agostino
Masumi Hirayama
Natasha Francesca Martone
Sean Hedman
Simon Bramley

We would like to say a huge thank you to Jotta for presenting the award this year and for their generosity and support.

MFI Graduate Award Shortlist 2012

Thank you to all of those who applied for the MFI Graduate Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Eiko Soga
Lydia O'Hara
Francesca Blomfield
Isabelle Gressel
Natasha Whittle
Hana Yun
Masumi Hirayama
Olive Han

We would like to say a huge thank you to Flat Time House for presenting the award this year and for their generosity and support.

Ovalhouse Theatre Award Shortlist 2012

Thank you to all of those who applied for the Ovalhouse Theatre Award this year. The applicants who were shortlisted are as follows:

Sophie Drewett
Selma Dahhouki
Jake Caleb and Mario D'Agostino
Lydia O'Hara
Isabelle Gressel
Rajee Sukumaran

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Ovalhouse Theatre for their generosity and support and for providing the award for this year.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Deadline for Applications Extended!

A new prize that has been added to the Chelsea Student Awards. The award is the MFI-graduate Award presented by Flat Time House and all information is under the 'Prize application 2012' page on the top left-hand side of this blog.

For this reason the deadline for ALL award applications has been extended to TUESDAY 22nd MAY @ 5pm 2012.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sophie Percival's work now live on Jotta Editions Space

Winner of the jotta Award 2011, Sophie Percival, has now been featured on Jotta Editions Space with her work 'Take my picture'

You can click through to see her work live on the Editions Space:

Sophie's work is also the subject of an article and features on an A2 poster in jotta's new magazine. All have been commissioned since the Chelsea Prize.

If you would like to apply for the jotta Award 2012, please click on the top right-hand side of this page on 'Prize Application 2012'.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Awards for 2012 now live!

Chelsea Student Awards is proud to announce the prize applications for this year have now gone live!
In order to access the prizes please click on the 'Prize Application 2012' bar on the top left-hand side of this page. 

Friday, 6 January 2012

Words from Sophie Percival: Winner of the jotta Award 2011 and Transition Gallery Award 2011

Sophie Percival, winner of both the jotta Award 2011 and Transition Gallery Award 2011 has kindly written a summary about her time since graduating in the summer of 2011 and the projects and exhibitions she has undertaken since winning the prizes.

Installation view of the Beverley Hills Mansions, CA (detail), 2011, 18 framed photographs, each 30x42cm. Photography Kent Wilson, Copyright Sophie Percival 2011. 

It is hard for me to imagine what I would be doing as an artist without the Chelsea Prizes because their influence has guided my movements so much over the last 6 months. 

By winning the Transition Prize I had something to directly focus on following graduation as I had my solo show scheduled there for mid-August. This meant I didn't have a slump after the degree show which I think can happen. The directors at Transition helped me curate the show and they were very kind and amazing to learn from. Along with the gallery space, they have 2 publications; Arty and Garageland. My Beverly Hills Mansions series was included in an article in Garageland which was exciting. It's interesting to see how other people reference your work and how it fits into their own trains of thought. Another great thing about Transition was how they dealt with the press for the show and publicised it properly. I had an hour long interview with the Los Angeles correspondent from The Independent which was pretty intense. 

After the Transition show, and as a result of my degree show, I was then invited to be part of a group show of ex students at Leeds College of Art and Design (where I had completed my foundation) at the beginning of September. That was great because we all had a chance to meet up and see how everyone's work had developed in 3 years from a cross section of different national courses. 

Beverley Hills Drive, CA (detail), 2011, 30x42cm. Photography Kent Wilson. Copyright, Sophie Percival 2011.

Winning the Jotta Prize has been really amazing. Initially I was meant to make an internet based piece to be showcased on the website during Frieze week in October. However I was stressing out that I wasn't going to have enough time to make something good and new, and they were so understanding and flexible. The curator that picked my work for the prize has mentored me and included me in all things to do with Jotta. The Beverly Hills Mansions series is set to be published in the coming issue of the Jotta Magazine. Because I wanted more time to develop my work I will now be launching the new web based work in March as part of the launch of their new website that focuses on selling editions of New Artists' works. They have also offered me the opportunity to create an edition of prints that will be sold online and from their project space at the Affordable Art Fair in London in March. The best thing about this is, is that it gives me time, a platform, and a deadline which I still need to make work and I think I always will.

Following March I have plans to curate a show in Swansea and am working on developing an online creative network for Oxfordshire. One of the most important things that I got from winning the prizes was the confidence to continue making work as I had been doing in 3rd year, and let my freak flag fly. But I think Chelsea try to teach you that all along anyway.

Visit to see more of Sophie's work. Keep an eye on for Sophie's work in March.