Friday, 25 April 2014

South Kiosk confirmed for 2014 prizes!


         We are very pleased to announce that South Kiosk will be participating in the prizes this year. Formally presented by it's sister organisation Jotta, who have participated in the prizes for the last four years, the prize offers a chance to work directly with the gallery, building a relationship through conversation and collaboration that will continue into the future past graduation.

        The winner of the 2013 Jotta was Dan Ward, for his work 'Panasonic'. Dan has been working with Jotta and South Kiosk over this last year since graduating from Chelsea. Winning the Jotta award has given Dan access to valuable contacts and help when needed, they are eager to help when applying for funding, and putting you in contact with useful contact that are reverent and helpful to your practice. Currently, Dan's commission that he has been making for the past 6 months on the back of winning the award is nearly finished and Jotta/South Kiosk will be promoting and screening the work soon. It is this kind of useful, intimate relationship and the offer of guidance when needed that makes the South Kiosk award unique.

          South Kiosk is a newly opened commercial gallery, showing currently its first show in that space. Through its exhibition programme and editorial platform South Kiosk seeks to explore the evolution of technology within art, investigating the impact of technological advancement, as well as the preservation of what is left behind. 

It provides:

Editorial platform 
Exhibition programme 
Symposia and artist talks

For more information about the gallery and its programme, you can visit:

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