Sunday, 24 June 2012

Winners of the MFI Graduate Award 2012, supported by Flat Time House: Eiko Soga and Francesca Blomfield

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the MFI Graduate Award 2012 are Eiko Soga and Francesca Blomfield.

From a selection of eight students, Eiko and Francesca were chosen by Clive Phillpot, a trustee of Flat Time House.

Clive was a former librarian at Chelsea School of Art and became the Director of the library at the MoMA in 1977. Clive also founded the special collections at Chelsea Library and has a very long standing connection with the college.

Flat Time House is the former home and studio of the artist John Latham. Flat Time House operates not just as an exhibition space but also as an artist's house and living archive, bringing contemporary work together with John Latham permanent collection.

The MFI Graduate award is awarded to recent graduates with the aim of supporting their professional developments as artists. As awardees, Eiko and Francesca will form part of a discussion and study salon, MFI Group, which is based at Flat Time House in Peckham, South East London.

Pictures of Eiko's work can be seen below. Scroll down further to see pictures of Francesca's work.

Eiko Soga, degree show piece, '151617181920212223062012'

'My interest lies in exploring the relationship between space, light and the mind in order to explore notions of the intangible world.  I am fascinated in the way natural light subtly reveals unexpected images, sensations and time. I chase after the light and the instantaneous act of taping a simple line on surfaces in various spaces enables me to engage with momentary encounters and appearances of light and to work with the invisible and chance in an everyday and minimal scale.

The process of photography is important in my work as it exposes the dialogue between human perception and the photographic image enabling me to compare and relate my visual perception and imagination to the images which photography has captured.

Another aspect of my work is the creation of site-specific spaces, which are prepared for the viewer to encounter images such as fleeting moments of changing natural light and to provoke their own perception and imagination.
Part of the source of my work stems from my sense of being part of a diaspora which has emphasised subtle differences and nuances of meaning through shifting cultural translation.  In a sense this parallels my experience of the visual fleeting world and it’s psychological dimensions.'

Eiko Soga, 2012
To see more of Eiko's work, please visit her website at:

Pictures of Francesca's work can be seen below: 

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